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Least Cost Routing Engine

The NexPath Least Cost Routing Engine provides a modern, Web-managed platform that eases operational complexity of large networks with diverse carrier interconnects. Automatic LCR generation based on your customer and vendor rate decks lets you focus on new business – not juggling spreadsheets.

Analytics Platform

The NexInsight Analytics Engine keeps your key performance indicators and costs at your fingertips. Dash-boarding and comprehensive ad-hoc reporting give you the information you need at every level. Configurable alarms alert you to problems, even when away from your desk.

Network Control

Know your customers’ traffic profiles, maintain profits, and control abusive traffic patterns. Minimum profit thresholds prevent routing at a loss. Keep problematic numbers off your network with Do Not Originate and Do Not Call lists. Automatic scans for abusive traffic patterns keep your network clean without your intervention.

Voice Broadcasting

Keep your voice campaigns profitable and running on schedule. The NexPath solution provides easy-to-use rate and vendor management tools combined with the NexPath Least Cost Routing Engine. Enlarge your vendor base and spread your calls around. Provide more competitive rates to your customers and run campaigns to areas that previously would be cost-prohibitive.

Toll Free Origination

The NexMap Continuous Optimization Engine continually rates your toll-free call detail records on all available vendors to determine the ideal route for each call. At any time, you know how optimal your toll-free routing is and where there is money being left on the table. When it is time to re-map, NexMap does the heavy lifting on the route map generation.

Billing & Profitability

The NexPath Insight Analytics Platform simultaneously keeps track of network costs, revenue, and usage in real time. Slice and dice the numbers to know where you are making money and where you aren’t. Verify carrier vendor bills with your own accurate cost and usage data. Comprehensive alarming lets you know when margins are negative, thin, or abnormal.

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